Now that we know beyond any reasonable doubt that life and our existence is a cosmic joke, that there is no afterlife, no pre-life, no miraculous rebirth, just so much stellar dust in the wind, and no free will and no forgiving God, just Shakespeare’s tale told by an idiot—now that we know this to the very core of our being, we are free.

For those of you with any doubt that I speak the truth, it is all spelled out in multitudinous (but very readable) detail in my not quite bestselling book The World Is Not as We Think It Is. Available on Amazon in paperback and as a Kindle ebook. Buy it now. Instantly.

Of course just knowing that life is a joke may not be all that freeing to everyone. And this freedom may not be what we want for some of our less inhibited citizens. Just knowing that there is no comeuppance for bad behavior beyond this vale, no cosmic karma in another lifetime, no God on high to hurl your ass into hell—with such knowledge some of our brethren might well steal, murder, rape and pillage with wanton abandonment like some crazed jihadist on a drunk.

Fortunately this wisdom of the ages comes only with age.  I for one am too old to rape and pillage, and the habits of a lifetime are not easily changed. I commit no capital crimes mainly because I have no desire to do anybody any harm. I know there is nothing to gain beyond a comfortable subsistence, and I have that. To hurt someone would go greatly against my nature. (Yes, morality is largely genetic and not something imbibed in a pew.) In my youth I skirted the rules a time or two and did things that I would never mention; but for the last fifty years I’ve been relatively sin free. So it is good that I only learned the Truth in my later years. Had I known in my youth that life was without meaning and that free will is a fantasy I might well have behaved differently.

So maybe we should keep this a secret lest the young find it out. Not to worry. They won’t believe it. Few people do even with experience.

But you say even this awesome knowledge is not entirely freeing.

Unfortunately not. Enlightenment comes and it goes like fireflies in the night, like moods good and bad. We are tethered to the “reality” that our senses, our genetics, our prior experiences and society foist upon us. We are momentarily free and then the veil of illusion and ignorance reestablishes itself in front of our eyes and we see dimly or not at all.